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Veronica Österman

Veronica Österman

The interplay of light, shadow and colours are the central elements in Veronica Österman’s art. She first understood the effect of light on colour and form when studying at Helsinki’s Free Art School.

In Veronica’s paintings, light accentuates lines and shapes, it moulds the space softly and creates a hazy atmosphere. Bright light highlights a building’s contours and pierces the windows.

Veronica’s cityscapes lie somewhere between faithful portrayal and abstract art. Her colour palette has been compared with that of Finnish painter Helene Schjerfbeck, and her style shares some of the sensibilities of Turner and Monet.

The urban motif began appearing in Veronica’s work soon after she completed her eight years of formal training. It is no wonder, as Veronica has lived in Helsinki most of her life, and the landscape most familiar to her has always been urban. The clean lines of buildings give the space a particular energy, an edge. “A painting should not be too beautiful, you need something to grasp hold of” Veronica says.

For this reason, imposing industrial cranes have found their way into her paintings. Nowadays, Veronica is painting at her studio at the Cable Factory in Helsinki.

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