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Carl Ahlman

Carl Ahlman


Carl Ahlman is born 1983 and raised in the rural island of Gotland, outside the east coast of Sweden. He has studied classical painting at The Swedish Academy of Realist Art.

During his first year he helped form a traditional art group, and in his second year he was offered a teaching scholarship.

He has participated in several group exhibitions, as well as in solo shows, in Sweden, Finland and USA.

His countryside upbringing created a strong relationship to nature. This is something he keeps returning to in his painting. Through the years his work has gone more towards narrating the pure and untouched nature. His motives often lacks a clear definition of time and traces of human life.

In his ambition to honestly retell his experience of nature Carl Ahlman paints on set, directly with his motive. He wants to communicate his impressions of nature and the surrounding world.

The passion and joy over the actual creation and not just the finished product is present in his paintings. The craft itself is important to him and a vital condition for his ability to express himself freely.

Carl Ahlman works in oil, in a classical manner. Through time pressure, due to changing light and other surrounding factors in outdoor painting, he keeps his work direct, straight and not to academic. This is something that correlates with his view on nature and the story’s he wants to tell.

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